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Water and Gas Leaks

The most basic and common problem you might experience with your plumbing system is leakage. Generally, water and gas pass through your pipework to reach certain destinations around your property. When any of this network of pipes develops a hole, the water or gas would be able to escape and reach other areas; hence, leaks happen.

Fixing leakage is paramount. Water leaks lead to water damage, which can compromise your property’s structural integrity, affect its aesthetic appeal, and set the stage for harmful organisms to thrive. Gas leaks, on the other hand, lead to serious risks including fires, explosions, and poisoning.

The moment you notice warning signs of leakage—be it flood on the floor or water or the rotten-egg smell of gas—the most important thing to do is to shut-off the supply to the pipes.

Turning Off the Water Supply

Usually, there are two to three places where you can close off the water to a plumbing fixture. Look first for the valves under the sink, behind the toilet or next to the water heater. You can also stop the water from running by turning the main valve off. This is located either in front of the house or down the basement. You last option is to shut off the valve by the water meter itself.

Shutting Off the Gas

First and foremost, you must identify the source of gas where you suspect the leak. The leaking gas may be coming from the water heater or the stove. If you are positive on where the gas is coming out, turn off the gas directly from the source. If you are unsure where it is coming from, the safest thing to do is to turn off the gas meter. Doing so would mean no more gas is going to be fed into the property.

Why Call a Professional?

While you are free to perform DIY (Do It Yourself) work for leakage, it always pays to hire a professional to handle the job. Plumbing technicians have the skills and experience to properly diagnose the problem and perform the right solution to permanently fix the issue.

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